Saturday, 11 January 2014

Build day 45

 We called into Lambon Boats this morning on the off-chance that there would be someone there as we wanted to measure the decks for quotations for tek-decking.
First though, what’s new?
 The mountings for the four solar panels are in place ...
 ... together with the mounting for the satellite dish (large square) and the small digital aerials (for when we’re moored in the trees or tall buildings)
Deck measurements then ... 
... that’ll be 8’ 9” x 10’ 6” on the rear deck ...
... and 10’ 9” x 6’ 4” in the well deck.


  1. Tek Deck on a canal boat?

    That will be different to say the least!!

    1. I think you’d agree though - it’s more a river boat than a typical canal boat!

  2. It will certainly be a very different and striking take on a "widebeam canal boat"

    Cant wait to see the finished article.


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