Thursday, 24 November 2016

Agonising decisions

Regular readers to the blog will know that our Molly has had severe problems with her eyes and been going blind for nearly two years now. We knew right from the time she was diagnosed with glaucoma that it would happen eventually and would also result in having to have her eyes removed.  

Glaucoma is painful and for the past two years we've managed to keep the pain under control with drops and the occasional Metacam (analgesic) but for the last month or so the medication was not working so well.  We had a decision to make.

If she was blind with her eyes she would still have pain, without the eyes she would be pain-free.  We contacted the vet last week and discussed it with her, she would get back to us with a cost and an appointment for enucleation (removal of the eyes).

We were obviously very upset and we seriously started to think and talk about what effect this was going to have on the three of us.

During the time we've been at our winter mooring Molly has coped very well inside Still Rockin'  but she's always been a very anxious dog and this showed even more.  She was even getting used to the green area just outside the mooring, soon finding for herself where to step over the gap between the ground and the pontoon and walking over the gangplank into the boat. But, when we attempted to take her further she planted her four paws firmly on the ground and refused to move.  No amount of persuasion either from our voices or from her lead would get her to move forward.  This of course was upsetting for all of us.  While staying here on the same mooring for five months she would have become quite happy with her surroundings and grown used to them (like if we'd been living on the land) but what would happen when we start cruising again, a different place every time?

We talked long and hard and rang the vet the following day to  discuss having Molly put to sleep as we really could not put her through having a big operation if it was not going to improve her quality of life.  The vet agreed and an appointment was made for Monday.

This was the hardest decision we have ever made.

We've nearly always had dogs but Molly was different, as Jaq once said when she dog-sat for us one evening 'There's a real character in there' and there was.  Molly talked to us, she had so many 'voices', she was a happy dog as long as she was with her 'pack' (me and George), she loved to play with her toys and play-fight with George, and to cuddle up by the side of me.

Five weeks old
 and about five months
In her cruising position on our previous boat Rock 'n' Roll
 play with me!
Look at me here!

We miss her so much.  
I especially miss her morning welcome, I would be making a cup of tea when she'd come bounding down the steps from her early morning quick walk and bounce up and down letting me know she was there and I bend to her for an early kiss.  Then she'd dash off to the sofa looking back to make sure I was following and she jump up on the back and dive at me for another one and from there onto the bed and pinning me by the shoulders against the bed head for a severe licking and then cuddle up in the blanket kept there for that purpose.  I miss that warm little body.

Run free our Molly, sleep tight.


  1. That is very sad but you have made the right decision.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. We are so sorry for you both having to make this devastating descision. But equally so know that it was the right decision for Molly. As you say Run free Molly and big hugs to you both xx

  3. We had a dog and a cat on board before our Molly arrived. It is a hard thing to decide. The vet told us that it was the kindest thing to do. Time heals eventually. Thinking of you as always.

  4. Run free Molly. What a tough decision and may you find comfort in the wonderful memories and life she bought to you both and you to her.

  5. So sorry to read that you had Molly put to sleep, she gave you plenty of love & great happiness & I totally agree with your decision. At the end of the day it is all about quality of life & we all have to put our feelings aside for the sake of our animals. I know only too well how much a dog means to be part of the family & We feel your hurt. God bless you little Mollyxx

  6. So sorry to hear that. Best wishes to you both.

  7. Caroland George.
    I'm so sorry to have read your sad news this morning. I know how hard it is to make that decision as I had to last year with Houdini, our old cat, who had cancer. Despite our new addition of Tilly, I still miss Houdini. They are very different for which I am glad.
    Thinking of you both
    Pip x

  8. Thinking of you Carol and George as we have done all week. Such a difficult time this but Molly will be fine over Rainbow Bridge.. xx

  9. So sorry to hear your sad news Carol and George. The hardest decision us pet owners have to make but I am sure you have made the right decision for Molly. It is always the little things we miss most. They all seem to have their own little rituals. Run free Molly.

  10. So sorry to hear this news :(
    You couldn't have done any more to give her such a happy life.

  11. Thinking of you both ,molly was certainly was a little character
    Love Richard and Sharon

  12. Thinking of you both after having to make such a sad decision. Run free Molly xxx

  13. Oh dear dear friends what a difficult decision made with great love. Les and I are saddened to know we will not see her again. Molly was indeed a special individual who brought joy into the lives of those who got to know her. She is missed by me and Les too. We send you and George deep hugs and great love.
    Jaq and Les xxx

  14. What sad news. Molly was lucky to have such a caring family. Wishing you the best.

  15. Sorry to hear this news. It is one of the hardest things to do but you somehow know when the time is right. Treasure the memories of your time together. Run free over the bridge Molly x

  16. Oh Carol, I'm so sorry. I have a lump in my throat just reading about what this decision has taken. I had to do the same last year. Even though you know it is right, it is so hard. I canonly echomwhat others have said here. She had a wonderful life with you both. Sending you big cyber hugs!

  17. Thank you for making the hardest decision, your kindness to Molly over and above your need for her companionship enabled her to pass without the torture of pain and humiliation. Happy memories x

  18. So sorry to hear the news Carol, Molly definitely completed the three Amigo's. Lot's of memories for you both to cherish. Love to you both, thinking of you xxx

    1. Thanks Garry, love to all down under. xx


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