Thursday, 25 February 2016

A great day yesterday

-5 with lovely sunshine at 9:15 yesterday morning and we’re nearly ready to rock ’n’ roll.
These bright read seeds caught my eye as I waited for George to cast off

Diane and Ray came to see us off and went onto the bridge to take pictures, but all of a sudden Diane ran off ...
… and we continued under the bridge ...

… they both reappeared on the other side of the bridge

… looking for all the world like a chad cartoon!
There was some warmth in the sunshine and I looked back to see it sparkle on the metal seat and bridge.
We’re heading south again now with just the one lock to do at Cowley where the for sale notice has now gone so I’m presuming the business has new owners.
A couple of hours later we arrive at the Tesco visitor mooring at
… Bulls Bridge where I restocked the cupboards.


  1. You do lead a pleasant existence with your continuous cruising...sigh! How nice to be able to moor up outside the supermarket!

    1. Hi Vallypee, not sure if you’ve got tongue in cheek here but it certainly made me laugh out loud! Take care, Carol.

    2. Well spotted...the small bulge in my cheek, that is...:)

  2. Lovely photos as usual. Hope you're all well. It's been quite sunny here this week but still a bit chilly and very cold at night. Keep well. Love to you all, Sandra. Xxx

    1. Thanks Sandra, we’re great thanks. Summer’s coming!! xx


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