Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It’s all about the weather these days!

… and this posting is not very different!
Due to the very unsettled weather (gale force winds and below freezing temperatures) we’ve decided it’s safer to stay around the Cowroast area for a few more days were there are no trees to blow down in the high winds and water etc., are close-by.
We had a fall of snow on Thursday along with some very strong winds.
Monday, although very cold (-6 at 07:15) we decided to try again with the buses to Tring as there is post for us at the Post Office.  Luckily the bus came on time and the journey was only about 5-minutes long.  Post collected we had a walk around the small town ...
 Tring church of St Peter and St Paul behind the town’s war memorial which has recently been updated with three more names being added.
 … and this street caught our eye, I wonder what’s down there?
 It’s Sutton Court which was originally the Vicarage built in 1828 and is a grade II listed
photo from Tring Parish Church (Hertfordshire Genealogy) website

We also took the opportunity to visit the vet about Molly’s eye - see Monday’s post.

The temperature hovered around freezing all day and last night, this morning (Tuesday) was the same.  The canal is again covered in ice and there is a two inch layer of snow too!

 The ‘blue’ photos were taken at 7:15 this morning

… and these two taken on the same camera, same setting at just after 9.

In the very early hours this morning at about 03:30 I was woken by the noise of the ice forming and scraping along the hull of Still Rockin; it must have been well below freezing outside.  By the time we were up the temperature was just above freezing

 … and there were these star-like shapes in the ice
… and lots of lovely blue in the sky!


Neil Corbett said...

You may already know this, but Tring Brewery (their Sidepocket is lovely) is on the bus route (opposite the big Tesco) They do 9 pint containers that keep fresh for many days. Hidden away on the same site is a great little farm shop doing lovely meat/bread/cakes etc.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

Thanks Kath, sounds interesting, we’ll certainly check that out next time we go into Tring. xx

Chas and Ann said...

Please let us all know how Molly is getting on at the vet with her eye problem.
Although we are on a land line at home your pictures take a while to get through.

Carol said...

Will do!