Saturday, 6 December 2014

Another short cruise!

After topping up the water tank it was 11 am before we started to reverse from our mooring at Bulls Bridge

... passing the non-operational dry dock at Tesco's

... and then waiting for a boat to pass us to enable us to complete our turn around

... and set off on today’s cruise
 ... passing Nestle with steam pouring from all its chimneys.
 Metropolitan Police in force on the towpath

We intended to use the facilities at Packet Boat but there was a huge dutch barge on the wharf so we continued on past the Slough Arm and moored up just before 1pm; we’ll reverse back to the services sometime tomorrow.

 A cold sunset at 4pm and by 7:30 it was .03 above freezing
... and was still below freezing when we got up this morning - I think winter has finally arrived!

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