Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A colourful neighbour

 There was nowhere to put a Christmas tree on nb Rock ’n’ Roll so it was lovely to go out to buy and decorate a small tree for Still Rockin’.

We only have one neighbour at our mooring and a very colourful one at that!  He comes and goes as he pleases but appears to especially like the bushes opposite.  The pictures aren’t great as they were taken through a double glazed window …

I took a video of what happened next but am having problems processing it to upload to the blog.  If anyone out there is using a MacBook Pro with Safari and iMovie to put videos onto blogspot, please get in touch and tell me how it’s done before I pull all of my hair out!!!


Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
I always find loading it onto U Tube and then pasting the embed code to the new blog post works.

Carol said...

Hi Les, thanks for that. I’ve seen that that can be done but I really don’t want to put anything on U Tube, even as a step to getting into my blog. I have in fact sorted it now - just me having a ‘senior’ moment!!