Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Build days 77-79

Inside the paint shed on Saturday (build day 77), Still Rockin’ is now midnight blue (photos kindly supplied by Stuart) ...
... and inside Lambon Boats, Steve has made a start on the stainless steel handrail.

Half past eight yesterday morning and she was being towed out of the shed by Steve and back around the corner into Lambon Boats - watch this space for the video, hopefully!

This is Steve very soon after lying on a trolley under Still Rockin’ ...

... seam welding the bottom plate - good man!

Steve then starts to fix on the handrail ... and it looks really neat ...
In the meantime Pete and George are starting to insert the windows - not an easy job (22 screws on each one, all to the drilled, tapped and fixed) ...
 ... but will look real good (once the rubber surrounds are inserted to cover the fixings).

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  1. Wow, looking a bit smart now, eh! Can't wait to see her in the flesh!


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