Saturday, 15 February 2014

Build day 76

Yesterday dawned very wet, very cold and very windy ...
but no matter ... Still Rockin’ is on the move!
 09:45 and we were at Lambon Boats where Still Rockin’ was up on chocks ...
 ... and the towing plate is on the big forklift truck; there’s a post on the underside of the plate which fits snugly into a hole on the metal bar to enable the tow ...
 Steve drives the truck to the boat
(sorry about the picture quality but you can see the stair-rod rain!)

He’s putting temporary welds onto the towing wheels and and welds the towing plate to Still Rockin’s hull at the bow (front)

 Whoo ... she’s in the air!

and away she goes! 
 Needs a slight adjustment on the corner ...

What do you think?  We love her ... our forever home!

Outside the door of the paint shed at Rushock Commercial Body Repairs

Steve - Lambon Boats swings Still Rockin’ round to reverse her into the shed ...

... where Stuart and Pete are ready with direction since Steve can’t see the stern of Still Rockin’ from the drivers seat of the forklift.

 A problem?
 Cooo ... a wee bit too close for comfort!

So out she goes again, the angle is changed slightly and back in she comes.  With a bit of forwards and backwards she’s in, not quite straight on though ...

Steve needs to swing the bow of Still Rockin’ slightly to the right within the paint bay so the chocks are placed under the bow which is then lowered to enable him to detach the forklift from the towing plate and attach it once again from a better angle and she’s in.

 The forklift truck reverses out, job done ... for today!


Plenty of room ...

... down the sides to enable the spraying ...

... but Still Rockin is 62’ long and protrudes from the paint bay by a good 10’.  A discussion takes place on how to cover her using the open doors, planks of wood, a tall gantry ladder and a tarpaulin to prevent the spray paint escaping into the shed.

This job took Stuart, Pete and George the rest of the afternoon together with drying the boat off, flatting the blue and masking up the bits up that will not be painted here (the roof is already finished)

Still Rockin’ will be painted tomorrow (Saturday) and be brought out on Monday - we’re hoping for a dryer day then!

I videoed her journey today but I can’t put it on the blog until I get to grips with the new update of iMovie - so watch this space 


  1. What an exciting day.. The boat looks fantastic!

  2. Well I've heard some tales of moving house but that beats them all!! Still Rockin looks beautiful, very majestic. Hope the weather picks up for you. Keep well. Love Sandra. xxxx

    1. Thanks Sandra. Just wait until it’s on the back of a lorry taking it to the water - that’ll be a bit nerve wracking! xxx

    2. That will be the most magnificent moving home ever. xxx


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