Saturday, 21 March 2020

Ecobat - deep cell battery bank

Still Rockin' is nearly six years old and the 6 x 2volt deep cells making up one big battery (the sort used for fork lift trucks) were starting to fail so on Tuesday (17th March) Ecobat brought the new ones which had been ordered in January for manufacturing.

With all the boat's electricity supply off the Ecobat employees check out the current wiring and disconnect the old ones ... note it is the younger man of the two who lifts the six cells out ... they are very, very heavy!

Once the battery box is empty we can see that there's a problem at the bottom of the box ... condensation has rusted the metal which the guys treat and wait for it to be dry.

In the meantime the men start to ferry each box on a sack cart to their van and bring over the six new ones

which the young man fits into the housing 
The older chap wires them up and then the moment of truth when they were tested ... fantastic ... good for another six years at least!

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