Friday, 30 March 2018

Jumping ship ...

26th March 2018
No, not us!

... but this small cruiser left the marina today.  The river Thames is currently on orange boards ... stream decreasing (navigate with care) but some of the reaches above and below Hambleden are on red boards, so I hope he's not going too far.

Later in the day I took myself off for a walk ...
... first round the marina as I could see from Still Rockin' that the crane was being moved and I wondered if the small boats currently on the grass were being put into the water, but actually they had just moved the crane out of the way.
Two work boats moored here, one of them has the 'things' (?) that reach down to the river bed to hold the boat steady whilst working from the vessel ...
... and there's two pontoons with more plant on them - I wondered what they were doing or having done.
I continued my walk and had to wait at the lock for this trip boat to go through heading for Marlow for the Easter weekend.  They may do a brisk business of sheltering visitors from the forecasted rain!
I enjoyed stretching my legs on the walk today noticing the bright yellow pussy willow in the sunshine
... and the white blossom in the woods.


  1. The 'things' are called 'spud legs' - very effective too.

  2. Sorry I missed your big day, George - we have had the family staying for a few days, so it has been a busy time, but fun. It looks as though you celebrated in style. I am sure you are itching to be off again - we hope to head off in mid April. Jennie and Chris

  3. Have read out your comments to George Jennie, and he says 'marvellous'!

  4. Koos calls them spud poles rather than legs, but I wonder why the 'spud'. Nothing to do with potatoes, I'm sure :) that little cruiser was brave. Your photos are lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. I hope it will be faring time soon for you too! Happy Easter, Carol!

  5. Hi Val, it is a strange name with nothing to do with spuds! I remember as a child we had what we called 'sold guns' - like a small pistol that when you put the nozzle again a spud (potato) a small tube shoots out into the potato taking out a small 'missile' which could then be used to 'shoot' each other! Not vey PC these days, but we enjoyed it as harmless fun.
    We hope to be faring as soon as the River Thames drops to more normal heights. At the moment it has risen about 18".
    Happy Easter to you and Koos too.


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