Sunday, 12 November 2017

A big day ...

Monday November 6th ...
 At 8:30 
 .... there was still a ....
 ... a hard frost and it was cold!

Today was our first day ...
... and my first pair of trainers!

We've taken out memberships at Marlow Leisure Centre, mainly for the gym, and are both feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety on our first day.  We want to try to regain the fitness, stamina and tone lost over the past couple of years as we've got older and have decided to attend every weekday morning for the length of our stay here in Hambleden.....    Wish us luck!


  1. We wish you luck, I have increased my walking up hills to aid my fitness love Diane and Ray

  2. And here was me thinking you were going to put on the music and do some Rock and Roll. Surely the wide beam wouldn't rock that much? :-)

  3. Thanks Diane and well done you, every little helps, it's just a matter of resolve and perseverance (well in my case anyway)!

  4. Hi Tom and Jan, yes Still Rockin' doesn't rock too much even though we do do some dancing on here!

  5. Oh good luck, Carol! I’ve been having the same idea, but have to wait for my frozen shoulder to thaw put a bit more first. I hope you manage to keep up the impetus! Well done you!

  6. Thanks Val, sorry to hear about your shoulder, hope it thaws out soon although if the weather there is as cold as it is here today, that might take a while! Week two starts today, can't really say I'm looking forward to it but we are committed!


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