Friday, 26 May 2017

Something happening at Medmenham

 Wednesday 24th May and it's hot, we're not doing much more than sitting on the deck under the shade of the hood watching the world go by.

Earlier in the day we had seen some sort of commotion going on on the river at the top of the field.  We could see two boats one of which appeared to be alongside the other and they seemed to be jockeying for position very slowly but neither was trying to moor up or one was stopping the other from mooring.  We wondered if it was the EA (Environment Agency) trying to confiscate an old unlicensed boat.  We thought of walking up to have a look but decided that would be intrusive so stayed where we were...
 .... until this inflatable came racing down to stop a boat from going any further and our interest was reignited! After a short time the small boat was allowed to continue on its way ...
 ... and this happened.  These three boats came up the river closer to our mooring and still with our interpretation of what was going on we thought it was all a bit dangerous.  The men in the inflatable are holding onto the wooden boat and there was a vessel behind at a strange angle.

The wooden boat then reversed and this tug appeared from behind.  We were surprised that it had no EA markings on it.

So then the tug pulled in front  ...

... and round to the other side again.  All looked peaceful on the wooden boat now but I could hear a loudspeaker being using but could only make out a very calm voice giving instructions but couldn't make out the words.

The boats eventually moved back upstream and we left them to it ...
... to continue our contemplation of the world on the meadow
 ... and the river.

Later, when the boats had gone completely and it was a little cooler, we took a walk up the meadow and met the mooring warden.  We asked what had been going on because all this had been happening just opposite his boat.  Apparently a film was being made due out in 2018 called Patrick starring Jennifer Saunders and a couple of other actors that I didn't recognise. 

When we got back to Still Rockin' I looked at my photos again ...
Originally I thought that these people were protesting about something but now that I look again perhaps the girl on the left is an actor, the ones with life jackets on are the film crew and could that perhaps be Jennifer Saunders in the blue jacket on the right of the wheel-house?

 I looked online to see what I could find out and found this excerpt from 'getSurrey' dated 2nd May ...

I then remembered our trip through Molesey on April 27th ...

... when I took these two pictures of a film crew setting up outside the boat club above Molesey lock for my blog posting.

'getSurrey' goes on to say ...

So, could perhaps the girl on the left of the photo above be Jennifer Saunders daughter?

 After all the excitement of the day it ended very peacefully
... and the sheep hadn't a care in the world!

Oh, and by the way, today George rescued two more lambs from the river.  I wonder how many the farmer loses each season or if he actually realises that he does lose sheep to the water?


  1. They were apparently filming in Pets At Home in High Wycombe last week too

  2. Interesting Alison, perhaps they were buying the pug called Patrick!


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