Friday, 16 December 2016

Molly's Holly

We have chosen to bury our lovely Molly's ashes in a small garden at the marina (with the owners' permission of course).  

We spend a lot of time on the Thames and will pass this way several times each summer.  We also hope to winter moor here again in the future.
As the garden already has holly growing in the hedges we chose a variegated holly with lots of character just like she had. This particular spot in the garden gets all the winter sunshine too.  Molly like most dogs, loved the sun and she used to follow it around the living room furniture on the boat sitting at very odd angles over cushions and the backs of the sofas!
Measuring the hole for depth and uprightness
Giving her lots of water
I'm sure she'll like it here.


  1. That is lovely, Carol and George. It will be comforting to have a place and a lovely plant as a focus for your thoughts and memories of Molly. Big hugs, Marilyn and David

  2. A lovely idea to preserve those fond memories...

    1. Thank you both, we've certainly got a lot of those memories. x

  3. A fine tribute to a great companion

  4. A wonderful resting place for Molly and it will be very comforting to visit as you pass throughout the year and close by in winter too. Over rainbow bridge has gone the lovely Molly xx

  5. The best way to remember.... take care.


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