Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Build day 20 and 21

 The engine mounts are in place ...
 The bow still looks lovely ...
 More of the rubbing strakes have been fitted ...
 We have a fuel tank!
The hole in the top goes all the way through the tank and will house the emergency tiller should the wheel ever let us down!
What a load of rubbish - all wrong!  George says that the hole is where the rudder shaft goes through and that the hydraulic ram is fixed to the top of the tank and moves the rudder when the steering wheel is turned - far too tekky for me.  I do know though that there will be an emergency tiller somewhere!
 That’s 550 ltrs it holds (121 gallons) and at 90ppl we’ll need a mortgage to cover the £495!!!!! Ouch!
 Still Rockin will have a very nice ...
… curvy arse backside!


  1. Thank you for my 'fix'....

  2. That's some fuel tank. That will last you most of a year i should think!!

    Ours is 50 gallons. Mind you that only lasts us for five hours at a cruising speed of 25 knots!!

    1. I hope it does! Thanks for your comment.


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