Friday, 8 November 2013


We arrived at Droitwich Spa Marina on Sunday 3rd November
We’re staying here on nb Rock ’n’ Roll until March when hopefully the build of wide beam boat Still Rockin' is complete.

Ian at Lambon Boats is hopeful that the steel will arrive by Monday ….  and the work will commence …. can’t wait!


  1. Hi Carol

    Just thought I'd let you know of my potential marriage difficulties, as by your blog list on the side Nicky is now shacked up (or should that be boated up?) on Badger Sett with some chap called Paul! If your premonition turns out to be right can I come and stay with you on Still Rockin' :-(

    Regards Keith
    (Not AKA Paul)

    1. Sorry Terry, I’ve fixed it now!!!!!! xx


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